Sunday, 1 July 2007

Pig City: The Apartments

While the Go-Betweens may now be defunct following the death of Grant McLennan, the Pig City festival will play host to their closest relative, The Apartments, a band that share striking parallels with Brisbane's most critically-acclaimed band.

Led by Peter Milton Walsh (himself a former Go-Between), The Apartments are one of most fondly remembered bands to emerge from the Brisbane music scene in the late 1970's. The band formed in 1978 and, under the able leadership of creative spark Walsh, soon became a formidable band. The Apartments, however, were a stark contrast to the punk bands which made up the Brisbane scene, and the band had quickly fallen apart by October 1979. They posthumously released their debut EP, Return Of The Hypnotist, later that month.

In 1984, Walsh revived The Apartments and began recording their debut album, The Evening Visits And Stays For Years. The album, released in 1985, showcased their unique influences, melding the familiar style of acts such as the Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan with more diverse influences, ranging from Serge Gainsbourg to Big Star. The Evening Visits... became a cult classic in Europe, yet, similar to the Go-Betweens, received little attention in Australia.

Their follow up, titled Drift, was not released until 1992. Drift built on the success of its predecessor, with a heavier, post-punk inspired sound heard throughout the album. 1995 saw the release of their third LP, A Life Full Of Farewells, which is considered by many to be their greatest album. The Apartments, now based in France, quickly followed up this success with FĂȘte Foraine in 1996, and Apart in 1997. Both of these albums continued the form found on A Life Full Of Farewells. Following the release of Apart the band broke up for a second time, and Pig City will see what is only their second show in a decade(they played The Troubadour a week and a bit ago).

To hear just what your missing check out these treats:

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