Friday, 28 March 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - March 28th

Sorry to Texas Tea for not writing this up in time for their show last night.

Friday 28th:
Nunchukka Supperfly (NSW), Del Toro, Turnpike, No Anchor @ The Zoo - this promises to be LOUD. And probably AWESOME.
Nikko, The Repetition @ Ric's Bar

Saturday 29th:
Paddington Fair: Screamfeeder, Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade, Texas Tea, Ranger, plus more! @ Neal Macrossan Park - It's a real fair! There are bands from 12pm, plus markets and games and all sorts of stuff. Fun for the entire family! And it's free! The fair starts at 10am and goes until 6pm.
The Rocketsmiths, The Gallant @ Ric's Bar
The Hymies, Violent Soho, Vegas Kings @ The Troubadour

Sunday 30th:
Little Lovers, Beachfield @ The Powerhouse - Free, all ages. Sweet. As IF you'd be anywhere else. 3:30pm.


ex_king_john said...

the zoo was most certainly awesome. pity everyone was at the footy. Sets by Turnpike, Del Toro, and Nunchukka Superfly here.

ex_king_john said...

OK, no links in comment. cut and paste this :)