Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Yves Klein Blue - Polka

Everyones favourite purveyors of "gypsy jazz" seem to be the next Brisbane band to hit the big time (or maybe medium time, I don't know). The band have had a pretty successful week, supporting The Vines in New York, playing at SXSW Festival, and now releasing the video for 'Polka'. The video itself looks good (it reminded me of INXS for some reason), however I'm working on dial-up speed at the moment and i only saw the first 20 seconds. Either way, Yves Klein Blue have just finished recording their debut album 'Draw Attention To Themselves' which is set to be released April 5th.


liam said...

see, the thing is, if i had to guess where they were from, i'd say the UK or los angeles

Cam said...

...or the mt cootha botanic gardens.