Friday, 18 April 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - April 18th

Kind of late this week. There were some good shows earlier in the week, but... well, they're done with now.

Friday 18th:
The Gin Club (Junk Album launch), Garreth Liddiard (Vic), Mike Noga & The Gentlemen of Fortune (Vic), At Sea @ The Globe - most likely an epic show, to accompany an epic album

Saturday 19th:
Rand & Holland (NSW), Ambitious Lovers, Let's Not (But Say We Did), Rialto Decibel Choir, Monster Monster, Buildings Melt, Chalk & Cheese @ Club Russian (7pm) - I don't know how all the bands are going to fit into the room, let alone anyone else.
Grungefest 2: Sonic Porno, The Pints, Punxie & The Poison Pens, The Whiskey Fists, The Pretty Boys, Attack of the 50ft Woman, Group Therapy, Coping Mechanism, The Wretched Villains, Dirty Boys of the Jungle, Endless Nameless @ Jubilee Hotel - get out your flannel.
Darling Downs (Vic), Texas Tea @ The Troubadour

Sunday 20th:
Fickle Beasts, No Anchor @ Ric's Bar - noise rock duos.
Women In Docs @ Lake Kawana Community Centre (2pm) - not-so-noise-rock duo.


Anonymous said...

Does this blog only have indie music in it?

Cam said...

fuck yeah!!!

(man, that works on so many levels... well, two levels)