Sunday, 6 April 2008

Weekly News - April 6th

  • Robert Forster is set to release his latest album, The Evangelist, on April 21. From all accounts (5 stars in Uncut, 4 stars in Q) it's an album on par with his best work. Have a judge for yourself here where you can listen to The Evangelist in full.
  • Singer-songwriter Madeleine Paige is set to release her debut EP this month. You can pick up a copy of Angels In The Architecture this Thursday at The Globe where Madeleine will launch the EP.
  • I Heart Hiroshima are working on some sort of remix album for Tuff Teef, to be released on Valve Records later in the year. I'm a little bit short on details for this one so I'll keep you posted.
  • That's not all Valve are up to at the moment. Apart from debut albums from Del Toro, Do The Robot and An Horse this month, they also have Jane Woody's (Formerly of I Heart Hiroshima and Kicks) first LP, Big Breaths Little Lungs, coming out in May. To top this all off they are going to be the local distributor of the Scul Hazzards' Let Them Sink. Hats off to Valve for being such a cornerstone of Brisbane music.
  • Loud In The Library is an initiative by the Brisbane City Council in support of National Youth Week (as in this week). Held at libraries around Brisbane, they have some pretty sweet programs set up (Learn how to krump!) as well as a number of bands playing for free. Have a look at their website for more information.

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