Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - May 2nd

Friday 2nd:
SixFtHick, Jim Rockfords, The Late Great Russian Revolution @ Clarence Corner Hotel, Woolloongabba
The Repetition, Idle Cranes @ Ric's Bar
Tim Steward & Band, The Lovebuckles, Altered States of Being @ UQ Red Room
Chris Pickering, Inntown, The Wells @ The Hive
The Surrogate, Quiet Steps, From Whence It Came @ Rosie's (upstairs)

Saturday 3rd:
Mexico City, Daughters Of The Rum Rebellion, Chris Dale, The Old Order @ The Tongue & Groove
Art Of The State, My Fiction @ Ric's Bar

Sunday 4th:
Nothing really sticks out to me. Perhaps the Caxton St Seafood Festival? On the one hand there's seafood, on the other hand it's Caxton St.


Anonymous said...

Where's the heavy metal section of this blog?

ex_king_john said...

i eated it.