Sunday, 20 April 2008

Weekly News - April 20th

  • Violent Soho have finished recording their debut album and plan on releasing it in June. While they've yet to title the LP an upcoming national tour will give them some time to think of one.
  • Hot Liquid Sex have also just finished recording, however in their case its in the guies of an EP bearing the title Unexpect The Expected. Keep an eye for its release next month.
  • At Sea continue the recording theme, but in their case they're only getting started. The band are recording their first release.
  • Teeth Lost, Hearts Won is the confirmed title for The Grates' sophomore album. They're currently recording in Connecticut with a release slated for August.
  • New Music: Scul Hazzards have got the killer 'Counter Empathy' of their LP (I know they're in France now, but we'll claim them like the Bee Gees), To The North go nuts on 'Harms Way', The Gifthorse deliver some pop-punk-pop in the guise of 'Passed The Break', Do The Robot's 'Audrey' off their debut LP Amp On Fire (released last week), and Jim Grundy has a number of cool beeptronica tracks going.
  • Finally some news only vaguely music related, Brisbane has two fine new establishments you should know about. The first is Alibi Jr, a cafe located next to The Outpost (Winn St, The Valley) run by the brainstrust behind the Alibi Room. The second is Tym's Guitars who have moved to 715 Ann St. Make sure to check them both out.

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