Friday, 4 April 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - April 4th

A couple of shows to keep you busy this weekend.

Friday 4th:
To The North, Arrows, In Sepia, Willows @ Rosie's
Mark Zian, The Oyster Murders, Matchless Armada, Blue Carousel @ Valley Studios

Saturday 5th:
The Rational Academy (Album launch), Turnpike, Do The Robot, Blank Realm @ Lofly Hangar - Recommendation of the week.
Witch Hats (Vic), Secret Birds @ Ric's Bar
Yves Klein Blue (EP launch), Wind&Brackets, The Rocketsmiths @ The Troubadour


Anonymous said...

Are their any bands on before hollywood that aren't indie?

Gav said...

do you mean indie as in independent, or indie as in "indie"? Because their arent many major label acts from Brisbane.

Cam said...

dear anonymous,

not really. it's all various shades of 'indie' (be it pop, rock, folk, country, punk, hardcore, experimental, electronic, doom, etc).

why would we write about other types of music when we don't like them? what would the point be?

no metal. no funk. no jazz. no nu-grunge. no bogan-rock. nothing we're not into.


no apologies.


Cam said...

note: when i say 'don't like them' i don't mean that i/we DISlike them, it's just that they're not the genres of music that we commonly listen to for pleasure. there's nothing intrinsically wrong with those forms of music, but we don't want to write about them.

if you want to see those sorts of bands being written about... then write about them yourself. that's why we started before hollywood, because noone else out there was writing about turnpike or the night crash or the ambitious lovers or aheadphonehome or whatever. we like those bands, we thought they deserved to be written about, so we wrote about them.

it's called d.i.y. it's fun. try it.

Gav said...

I like jazz and funk. But not metal. And not nu-grunge. And definitely not bogan-rock.