Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Cam's Gigs of the Week - April 9th

It's Cam's (Indie) Gigs of the Week!

Wednesday 9th:

Suckafish P Jones, Joel Saunders @ Ric's Bar

Thursday 10th:
The Art of the State, Blue Carousel @ Ric's Bar

Friday 11th:
Off Minor (USA), The Focus (Vic), To The North, The Insurgents, Wheatpaste @ Ahimsa House, West End
Ouch My Face (Vic), The Butcher Birds @ The Troubadour - a 1am show (so technically it's Saturday)

Saturday 12th:
The Pints, Sausage Chopper, The Insurgents, Align @ Fat Louie's Pool Hall
Ouch My Face (Vic), Side Effects @ Ric's Bar

Sunday 13th:

Del Toro (Album Launch), An Horse (EP Launch), Do The Robot (Album Launch) @ The Powerhouse, 3pm - three Valve bands launch their respective releases. Recommendation o' the week.
Francis, Let's Not But Say We Did, In Sepia @ The Troubadour

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