Monday, 14 April 2008

Weekly News - April 14th

  • John Steel Singers have just finished recording for their mini-album, The Beagle And The Dove, and you can check out the new track, 'Evolution', on their myspace. The Beagle And The Dove, will be released before the month is out.
  • Twist Oliver, Twist! are currently undertaking the recording of their debut EP, Ebb And Flow, with local Josh Roche producing. Expect it to be released in June.
  • The Dangermen are offering their Summer Of Danger LP as well as a live recording for free download. Head over to the Swashbucklin' Hobo Records blog to check them out.


Anonymous said...

Is there any news on this website that isn't indie news?

Cam said...



Anonymous said...

you guys are too self conscious

Cam said...

*dies inside*

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be offensive I just think it's a shame you guys are so blinkered musically.

Cam said...

don't make the mistake of thinking that this is ALL we listen to. it's just all we write about. yes, this blog has a narrow focus, but that's because we don't want to write about things in a half-arsed fashion were we either obviously don't really know what we're talking about or obviously don't give a shit - we only write about the things that are THE MOST interesting and important to us.

criticizing us for not covering a wider array of genres is like criticizing a pizza store for not serving steak. we've stated what our focus and aims are, and we're going to stick with those things.

we're not trying to be some all-encompassing encyclopedia of brisbane music. i think most people who read this thing understand this and accept that. we're not trying to be rolling stone here, let alone timeoff magazine.

those people who DON'T understand this key concept, well, they're most likely not the sort of people we're trying to converse with anyway. as i've said previously, if you want to read a blog that caters to a wider range of musical genres then you should start one. i'm not saying this in a snarky 'oh, let's see YOU do it' kind of way, i mean it genuinely. do it. we'll even help you in any small way we can.

we started before hollywood because we wanted to be proactive. if you actually have something to contribute OTHER than these anonymous comments then i would LOVE to see you become proactive yourself. this isn't a dare, it's an invitation.

Cam said...

ps: one other thing i meant to mention - what exactly are you wanting us to write about? just so i have a better idea of where you're coming from.

i'm not going to go 'oh, lol, he wants us to write about that terrible band!11!!'. that doesn't help anyone.

Pattus said...

I <3 BeforeHollywoodness indieness

Gav said...

And I love you Pat! Also I'll start putting some politics into my news posts. If thats successful I'll diverge into sports and the weather. Maybe some obituaries too.

Anonymous said...

Will you cover all sports or just indie sports like hakky sakk?

Gav said...

Haha, yep. Before Hollywood - Your leading source of Brisbane music and hacky sack.

Anonymous said...

too self conscious? blinkered musically? this is some of the best music writing ive seen in ages.
theyve got mention of the busymen and rational academy within a few posts!
you cant get more different than those two. or are you just pissed because you're in each revolving door and everyone laughs at you and your shoddy safety rock over pints at the paddo?

why dont you start your own music blog anon?


ex_king_john said...

man has a point. i don't get out to much other than the indie scene. what i'm going to do though is a project.

for the month of may imma try to get to as many gigs featuring local brisbands as i can outside the indie genre [and of course recording them]

need a snazzy name like 'that one month in 08' or something.

may is good for me cause the missus in OS for the second half.

also happy to hear requests from anonymous and users like that as to what he/she suggests i see to broaden my musical horizons. cheap is best :)


Gav said...

I need a bootleg of the Veronicas!!! I'm relying on you EKJ.

ex_king_john said...

i don't do video gav.